Custom Yearbooks

Create a custom yearbook with your friends

“I cannot believe how fun this was to make. Even my guy friends got into it. I really like that it's MY friend in the book. Awesome!”

— Kate S., Alexandria, VA

Start a Yearbook now!

Who wants a yearbook full of other people's memories?

Yearbooks. The only photos of you and your friends will be the size of postage stamps. Plus, you'll be packed in there with hundreds of people you don't even know. Sigh.

What if you and your friends could create your own custom yearbook? You know, photos of your friends doing all the fun stuff you'll actually want to remember?

Well now you can.

Keepsy Yearbooks

With Keepsy, you and your friends can quickly and easily capture all the memories, photos and messages that are important to YOU. There's nothing to download, and it takes only a few clicks to invite friends to add their own pages.

You can add photos, text and fun art wherever you want -- it's completely customizable.

And it's affordable: Don't pay $70 for some phonebook that's going to go in a box in your garage. Our awesome hardback 11 x 8.5 albums start at just $29.95.