Keepsy Partner Program

We love photos. You love photos. Let's work together.

Our program is simple: For every customer you send us, we'll pay you for $5.00 for each album they order. Easy.

What if they don't order that day? No problem. We'll track your referrals for a full 6 months.

How? Just link to Keepsy using one of the methods on this page and contact us for your unique partner code. That's it.

Click the banner or badge to get the code. Copy and add it to your site or blog.


150 x 150

Blue 150 x 150

Green 150 x 150

Pink 150 x 150

Orange 150 x 150


Black 110 x 30

White 110 x 30

Transparent Black 110 x 30

Transparent White 110 x 30

Blue 110 x 30

Green 110 x 30

Pink 110 x 30

Orange 110 x 30


212 x 110