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Your iPhone is Not Your Best Friend

The waitress scrawls this in big letters on the chalkboard behind your table. But none of you notice. Because each one of you is... staring at an iPhone. Filtering. Editing. Posting. Photos.

Just who do you think you are?

It starts one day with an innocent download and a few taps of curiosity. A snap of a sunset. Night lights. An artful cappuccino. An old telephone. Then there are filters. Early Bird. Toaster. Gotham. (Snap!) And then a like, or two. And then some followers. And then... locals.

Their photos. You know these places. This is the Bay Bridge. That is Telegraph Ave. Those are the cranes down at the port. This your neighborhood. This is your obsession.

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You are not alone.

Let's go for a walk, she says. A photo walk? A bit shy and nervous. These are strangers. But you go. And you meander for hours together. Taking photos. Wandering. Chatting. Connecting. These strangers are not so strange.

Do it again. And again. More photo walks. The group grows. So does the fun. And then there are galleries. Lunches. Brew pubs. Holiday parties. Craft shows. Tiki bars. Karaoke. County Fairs.

All the while, taking photos. Thousands of them. Slowly, methodically stitching together a new group of friends.

This tiny, magical device in the palm of your hand. Capturing and connecting. Warmth. Laughter. Comfort. Sharing. And Love. Who'd have imagined?

It turns out your waitress is wrong.

Your iPhone is your best friend.

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