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Japantown Mural story

Together as One

Here in Japantown,
an enormous concrete lot;
Acres of pavement.

Long and checkered past
with no plans for a future;
An eyesore for all.

Shi kata ga nai.
More than any one can fix.
Can something be done?

Call on our neighbors.
Some fifty artists in all;
Let's make a mural.

A long blue ribbon,
to patch these years of neglect;
Each panel, alive.

White paper cranes float.
Hummingbirds dart alongside
ferocious dragons.

Taiko drums rumble
as New Year fireworks explode;
Colorful clamor.

Kokeshi dolls watch
secret agents quietly
steal furtive glances.

Cherry blossoms fall
in radiant harmonies;
Gospel singers' notes.

Mochi and mikan
mingle with the soothing scents
of hot noodle soup.

These inspirations
woven in waves of color;
Urban blight recedes.

This kaleidoscope.
We breathe life where there was none,
Together as one.

The Japantown Mural Project

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