Travel Photo Books

Make a Travel Photo Album with your friends

“We went to Mexico with 3 other couples and took hundreds of photos on the trip. We had no idea how we were going to get them all into one book, until we found Keepsy. What a great service, and the book quality is outstanding.”

— David W., Anchorage, AK

Start a Travel book now!

So many photos, so many memories... but so little time

Think of all the photos you've taken of family and friends on vacation over the years. Family trip to the Grand Canyon, Backpacking in Asia, Spring Break to Europe, road trips to Vegas... What great memories.

Taking the photos is easy but gathering them all in one place to make a printed album can be a real chore. Dad's got his on the DSLR, Mom has hers on a point and shoot, and you and your friends are all using camera phones. How are you going to get them all together?

What if you could just invite everyone to add their best photos to your album? You know, make a group travel book together?

Well now you can.

Keepsy Travel Photo Books

With Keepsy, you and your friends can quickly and easily capture all the memories, photos and messages that are important to YOU. There's nothing to download, and it takes only a few clicks to invite friends to add their own pages.

You can add photos, text and fun art wherever you want -- your pages are completely customizable.

And it's affordable: Our awesome hardback 11" x 8.5" albums start at just $29.95.